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March 19th, 2012 § 2 comments

Home and Away, originally uploaded by KenjiSummers.

I write this before dawn inside of the Marcy Playground in Marcy Projects in my neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn. I decided to ride by multi gear road bike here to think. Not to think about how I got no sleep but about home and away. Home and away is what I struggle with today. How do I dare inspire young people, especially Americans to get passports and leave home when Projects such as Marcy, once home to Shawn Carter you know him as Jay-Z, still exist? With all the KONY talk I find myself at a perilous path where I must find a way to bridge the poles of home and away. I ask questions to myself like why do white people feel like they always have to come to the savior of brown people, especially Blacks? Fuck can’t we do our own saving? What was Jason Russell going through that he was naked in the street doing defensive slide drills? I am reminded of an axiom that goes “Serve on the upper and rule on the lower”, it is what the people I look up to throughout history have mastered. With Passport Project and all my efforts moving forward I pledge to do just that. If you catch me contradicted please call me out on it, I’m merely flesh and bone with some spirit mixed in somewhere.

  • rocheezy

    Personally, I’ve never heard of “serve on the upper and rule on the lower.” However, I know that “the greatest (in the kingdom) is a servant” and “love never fails” (which not at all ironically is today’s word). It may sound backward to say that to rise up to greatness we need to get low–humbled–and serve but people truly do notice that and honor it. You descend to greatness. The idea of achieving greatness and then going back to help others sounds like it would work, (given that you mentioned Jay-Z) how is he helping now? (Honest question because I have no idea,) but as far as I see he’s not known for how he’s helping others. We need to help people on the way up, not once we get there. And we’re meant to be mainly spirit with flesh and bone mixed in somewhere. Haha, sorry to take it to the bible, but I swear that book has an answer to everything.

  • jaymi

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