TALWST – Peace Tonight (Official Video)

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The artist TALWST formerly known as Curtis Santiago has a message in the madness. Inspired by John Lennon. Produced by ILLANGELO.

Kris Kasanova – Sleep When I’m Dead (Official Video)

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My favorite song off of #WarPaint

Speaking of Harlem

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Nardwuar vs A$AP Rocky

If you are not familiar with the Always Strive And Prosper mob, here is footage from a Spotify event I attended that was held during SXSW Music 2012

You should be attending TEDxHarlem

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What: A day-long conference that seeks to understand, celebrate and empower the informal methods of social innovation that grow organically in Harlem and throughout communities around the world. For more.

When: Tuesday March 27, 2012 – 8a-5p

Where: Riverside Church

Cost: $20 and $100

Speakers: Click Here

Hosts: Click Here

Webcast: Live on March 27th www.livestream.com/tedxharlem

I’m going to be attending the event and may even get a ticket for my dad who grew up in Harlem in the 50/60s and now lives in Jersey. If I were you I would ask your company to expense this day of inspiration and innovation and mob out with your boy K. Summers. See you there.

Home and Away

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Home and Away, originally uploaded by KenjiSummers.

I write this before dawn inside of the Marcy Playground in Marcy Projects in my neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn. I decided to ride by multi gear road bike here to think. Not to think about how I got no sleep but about home and away. Home and away is what I struggle with today. How do I dare inspire young people, especially Americans to get passports and leave home when Projects such as Marcy, once home to Shawn Carter you know him as Jay-Z, still exist? With all the KONY talk I find myself at a perilous path where I must find a way to bridge the poles of home and away. I ask questions to myself like why do white people feel like they always have to come to the savior of brown people, especially Blacks? Fuck can’t we do our own saving? What was Jason Russell going through that he was naked in the street doing defensive slide drills? I am reminded of an axiom that goes “Serve on the upper and rule on the lower”, it is what the people I look up to throughout history have mastered. With Passport Project and all my efforts moving forward I pledge to do just that. If you catch me contradicted please call me out on it, I’m merely flesh and bone with some spirit mixed in somewhere.

I am going to start blogging again

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I have some things to say.

Niggas In Paris Unofficial Music Video #PassportLife

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Legit – A Nigger in Northface (Official Video)

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I haven’t posted on this blog in ages nor do I care to start a personal tumblr for fear that I may never catch up to the people that Drake feels sorry for. With all that said, this video deserves attention.

Off Legit‘s (@chicagolives) mixtape “Coloring Outside The Lines”.

Directed, Shot & Edited by Young Wonder. (@_youngwonder)

Kenji’s EuroTrip: Entry 1

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Read this: http://passportproject.tumblr.com/post/12284583658/kenjis-eurotrip-entry-1

My Converse Jack Purcell Collection

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I need more.

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