Want to launch a brand with BBH and ZAG? (Please spread)

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I know. I know. I know. I post less consistently than Rajon Rondo’s jump shot. Nevertheless here is some Tinker Bell dust for your Monday evening commute back home.

What is a ZAG?
ZAG is a wholly owned subsidiary of BBH that is focused on brand invention (more explanation on our website zaginvention.com). We can only invent and launch brands if we have great ideas and for the first time, we would like to invite those that don’t work for BBH to pitch ideas for partnerships.

An Example of a Current ZAG Project

Call for Ideas
This document serves as an official call for ideas.  Moving forward, ZAG will be formally evaluate ideas three times per year and November marks the evaluation that will determine our focus for at least the first half of 2011.  We will of course entertain ideas at anytime throughout the year, but submitting during these three formal review periods ensures a focused, timely, and actionable review of your proposal.

Get Your Arms Ready
Pitches will be heard first week in November live or over the phone. After this initial round of pitches we may refresh this document based on the feedback from the candidates and the readers of BBH Labs Blog. To stay up to date on ZAG news and thought starters follow our Blog.
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Read this if you have your IDEA ready.

Interwebs Famous Interview with Brian Moore of DatingBrian.com

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I started this blog with different interview series, such as Tastemakers and Bright Future (see Interviews). This one is called Interwebs Famous.

Brian Moore is a smartly dressed chap that is interning at BBH NY this summer within our Barn program. He decided to crowdsource his dating–leaving the people of the interwebs to choose who he dates. (Visit DatingBrian.com to see where the project lives. For (near) real time updates about the social experiment check @DatingBrian). Becoming interwebs famous is not easy, and I doubt we have heard the last from Mr. Moore (and his amazing two team members involved in the project).




NY Daily News

Village Voice

Social experiments make the world go round. Get out and do one for yourself. You can check a few of my own if you want some inspiration.

Sprite Commercial featuring Drake WITH FULL CREDITS

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I took a slight hiatus…Pardon the quality.

Feb 13th is too far away, so I present to you the bootleg version of the latest Sprite commercial (featuring Drake). It seems the Coca-Cola Company would like you to believe that Sprite can give you that ‘spark’ to create, do, and make something happen. I think the masses will like the spot. I even dig the strategy that (probably) went into the brief. I wonder if a high quality version will leak before February 13th. In the meantime, enjoy Sprite’s decision to play the commercial before films at select movie theaters.


Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty, New York
Chief Creative Officer: Kevin Roddy
Creative Director: Amee Shah & Matt Ian
Art Director: Erik Holmdahl
Copywriter: Beth Ryan
Head Of Broadcast: Lisa Setten
Producer: Jennifer Moore

Production Company: aWHITELABELproduct, Los Angeles
Executive Producer: Ellen Jacobson-Clarke, Annique Decaestecker
Director: Ben Steiger Levine
Line Producer: Lynn Zekanis
DP: Chris Soos

VFX: Mass Market
Executive Producer: Rich Rama
Producer: Aleen Kim
Assistant Producer: Adam Coffia
Assistant Producer: Tom Knight
Designer: Greg Herman, Derek Stratton
CG Supervisor: Pakorn B.
CG Lead Artist: Ed Manning
CG Artist: David Barosin, Jimmy Gass, Keith Kim, Eban Byrne, Ciaran Maloney
CG Modeler: Tom Cushwa
CG/Nuke Artist: Adam Flynn
Lead Flame Artist: Nick Tanner
Flame Artist: Julian Ford, Mark French, Sarah Eim, David Parker, Joanne Ungar, John Ciampa
Jr Flame Artist: Jeen Leen, Dan Bojoulian

Editorial Company: Cut + Run, New York
Executive Producer: Angie Aguilera
Producer: Beth Fitzpatrick
Editor: Steve Gandolfi

Telecine Facility: Company 3, New York
Telecine Artist: Tom Poole

Audio Facility: Sound Lounge, Nyc
Audio Engineer: Tom Jucarone

Music Company: Squeak E Clean Productions
Executive Producer: Zach Sinick
Track Arranged By: Brent Nichols & Rusty Logsdon
Sound Designer: Steve Mccarty
Music: Title: “Forever”, Drake

Endtag Animation Company: Brand New School, Los Angeles
Executive Producer: Ned Brown
Producer: Garrett Braren
Art Director: Ludovic Shorno

(Updated: 2.12.10)

Client: Sprite

Artist: Drake

Agency: BBH NY

ECD Kevin Roddy

CD: Amee Shah & Matt Ian

Director: Ben Steiger Levine

Production Company: MassMarket

(Updated 2.8.10)

Thanks Phred for the vid